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basketball-usa-facts,If you are bending one sheet metal or shaping metal profiles, press brake bending tools plays a very important role. Press brake bending tools included top punch and lower die with a press brake work force together.They are used with a bending machine to shape or bending metal. Bending tools touches the metal to be bent and by utilizing a tool set of specific features, force the material to the shape required.

yawei ahyw press brake bending toolshawaii-men's-volleyball-rankGooseneck punch tools

Press brake bends a piece of sheet metal in specific areas by holding the work piece between a matching top punch and lower die.For now, almost press brakes are computer programmed, they also come in basic NC&CNC automatic bending solutions with all kinds of advance options.

Press brake bending tools included 2 main parts, top tool&bottom tool, The top tool mounted in the bending machine top moving beam is called”Top punch”, The bottom tool mounted on the lower beam called the “Lower Die”.  Punches and dies covers all different style, European Amada Promecam traditional type, which still very active in metal bending tooling market; American type press brake tools; Trumpf press brake style tools and Wila New Stardard Premium bending tools and die holders. The bending force driving the top punch into the lower die is a mechanism pushing the top beam and can be mechanically, hydraulically or electrically (servo motor) driven. While the basic operation of all press brakes is the same, the mechanism used to exert the force on the top beam which bending different parts.,australia-u19-cricket-team

Press Brake Tooling is very Important for your metal bending progects

bet365-ipl-2021-live,The type of press brake tools mounted for bending of your metal parts will determine how efficient operation will be. Press brake tools both enables and limits metal bending production. If you make something unique you should be get designed special bending tools &customized press brake tools. Even most folding tool sets are available in a standard variety of configurations that can be assembled to any length your bending application requires. The type of tooling you need will be different depending on the project you are working on but it’s highly recommended that you look at precision grounding&hardened press brake tooling for the best bending performance.

If you are looking for Press brake bending tools,you could be consider more things;


First you will be check what type of metal material you are bending. Different sheet thicknesses needs different press brake bending tools as the lower die opening, angle and punch radius will change. You also need to confirm the length of the sheet metal you are bending to determine how much tooling you need.  

Also the Tensile Strength of the metal material; Carbon steel bending , Stainless Steels bending , Aluminum or high tensile metal bending, like Hardox or Weldox sheet bending, these all have a different bending force and may require tooling design  to bend them correctly. 

Sheet Metal Bending Angle

The profiles angle you are bending also has a lot to do with choosing the right tooling. If you need to use a press brake with the lower than recommended tonnage, you will need to match it with a tool set with an bigger opening die that will lower the bending tonnage required to bending your metal profiles. Although there are 3 types of bending on a press brake, Air bending will also give you a longer life to the press brake mounted correct bending tool set. The correct top punch you need will depend on the job at hand. Top punches generally classified into these unique types, Standard Punch, Goose Neck Punch, Straight Punch, Sash Punch and Acute Angle Punch.

Press brake Bottom Dies are also available in different sizes and shapes to match the top punch tooling and specific metal profiles you are bending or forming. From single V dies, Offset forming Tools, Flattening Dies,U bend&Z bend . All your sheet bending tooling choose depends on your fabrication needs and the parameters of your Press Brake.

Whether you have a press brake already and only need helps for choosing correct bending tools, or you need new press brake&bending tooling for your metal fabricating, email us for fast&smart press brake purchasing progress.



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